New Year, New Queue!

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2019!

Every new year, I find myself embarking on some sort of epic journey to be more deliberate, diligent, and organized in my crafting. This year has proven to be no different.

Reflecting on 2018, I managed to complete more projects than I initially thought that I had. A whole 10 knitting projects ( 3 pairs of socks, 2 hats, 3 shawls, and a cowl), as well as two weaving, one sewing, and one spinning project. Not bad, especially when compared to previous years. However, not as much as I would have liked to. Life gets busy and before you know it, three months have passed and you haven’t done any crafting or even blogged for that matter. Such is life, I suppose. This year, I’m yet again making a concerted effort to be more accomplished in my projects for this year.

Back when I first joined Ravelry in 2012, I frequented a local yarn shop that I would later work at. At the shop, patrons and staff would often enable each other with new pattern finds and such. Rather than favoriting them, I’d place them in my queue and completely forget about them. Again, remember that this queue started building in 2012, so you can imagine how unruly 6 years could make it. Time goes by, tastes change and so do skill levels. The knits I was interested in making in 2012 aren’t necessarily the projects I’m interested in today. So, I went through and culled my queue. Moving those items that I still wanted to accomplish into my favorites list, organizing them into various bundles. My queue is now strictly reserved for projects that I would like to complete in 2019, some of which I’m already working on. The plan is to check in with an update of my queue status at the beginning of each month, reassessing and reordering the queue based on the multitude of factors that can influence a creative soul.

This month’s queue:

  1. Starting Point by Joji Locatelli
  2. Vanilla is the New Black Socks by Vanessa Fletcher
  3. Victorian Knit-Along Scarf by Franklin Habit
  4. Simple House Slippers by Simone A.
  5. Log Cabin Mitts by Karen Templer
  6. Hertenvos by Stephen West
  7. Beeswax Hat by Amy van de Laar
  8. Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross

What I’ve Been Wearing this week:

What I’m Working on:

  • Starting Point by Joji Locatelli
  • Vanilla is the New Black Sock by Vanessa Fletcher
  • Release the Kraken!

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