The Toolbox of Knitting Knowledge

Holy macaroni! I found time to craft!! Apparently all I needed to be struck with inspiration was to have a bit of a staycation from work. I’m currently on day two of an eight day staycation, and I’m perfectly content with my tea and crafting.

Thanks to the Knitmore Girl Podcast a few weeks back, I found myself on the pre-order list for Hunter Hammerson’s newest book Firmament: Stellar Stitches for Your Next Adventure. The book arrived late last week, and I am absolutely in love with it. I find that I tend to be pretty picky with knitting books, perhaps it comes from working in a yarn shop for several years. A good knitting book, to me, is one that teaches me a new skill, a new technique, or a new (often easier) method of doing something that I already know how to do. In other words, I’m always on the lookout for adding more to my toolbox of knitting knowledge. This newest book from Hunter is precisely what I love. Like many of Hunter’s books, Firmament provides you with a handful of new techniques (in this case a handful of different dip stitch patterns) and a few ideas on how you can implement them to make something you love. What is amazing, is that this book speaks to a whole spectrum of knitters. From the knitter who is just looking for a fun hat pattern, to the designer who wants to learn how to incorporate a stitch technique they are unfamiliar with into their design work.

I managed to finish knitting my Hesh Hat, though it has proven to be too small for me. It’ll either be gifted to some unsuspecting friend or donated to a charity, either way it will find its way to a home where it will be loved. Still working on my second Lotus Sock as well as my Candlewick Hat, but progress has been slow on both of them. This week I cast on the Ephemeris Hat from Firmament and am still in the 1×1 ribbing section, so far it is proving to be an enjoyable knit. Lastly, I’ve started plying some Black Baby Alpaca, Black Shetland, and Mulberry Silk in “Amethyst” from Homestead Hobbyist and it is plying up BEAUTIFULLY.

The goals for this week are to continue progress on the current projects, and perhaps even make time to pull a warp and get started weaving on the Margaret, the Louet David loom that keeps staring at me longingly.

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