Sock it to me!

It has been a week full of work, rehearsals, and knitting. I’m getting better about carving out time to craft, now that I’ve scaled down on some of my commitments. The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is that because I’m not stressed about having to be three different places at the same time, I have the time and energy to create! Funny how actually establishing boundaries and adjusting your priorities can make such a huge difference.

Most of my knitting this week has been on socks. I managed to finish the first of my Lotus Socks in BCY Self Striping Sock yarn, and have been working on finishing up the last of my Slytherin Socks. I’ve also managed to cast on for my Candlewick Hat, which has been sitting in my queue and library for a good 3 years at least.

I did manage to send out my latest pattern for test knitting this past week, and hope to have the pattern published by September/October. Now that the shawl is in the test knit phase, it is time to start looking at other design opportunities. There are a few concepts on the horizon, but it is just a matter of making the time to sit down and sort it all out.

Lastly, I managed to make time to give my spinning wheels a much needed bath this week. I’ve mostly been spinning on my Hansen these days, mostly due to the fact that I haven’t been able to locate any of my oil bottles. Thankfully, I was able to obtain a bottle and placed an order for more. Now that I’m up and running, its just a matter of plotting what to spin on which wheel.

Here’s hoping that the upcoming week provides more opportunities for crafting for you and me both!

Happy knitting!


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