What Was I Thinking?!

Operation Stash Rehash is in full swing! After some thoughtful planning on how I was going to execute this project, I decided that a full sort & cull of the stash would be a great way to begin. This way, once everything is sorted I can document one category of stash at a time. After looking at my schedule and commitments this week, I decided that Saturday would be the perfect day to start on this endeavor. I didn’t have anything planned, and it was the one day this week I wasn’t committed to doing something or being somewhere to help with something. More importantly, I was pretty certain my housemates would either be laying low or out of the house for most of the day.

Saturday came, and it was time to get started. Now, most people have a clearly identified plan when tackling this sort of business. I had a plan too, mostly. I say mostly, because I knew I was going to organize and cull but hadn’t really decided on the best way do to that. Sorting the yarns by weight seemed to be the best option for the organization of my stash, making sure to keep my cones of weaving yarn separate. Okay, that’s a bit more of a plan, but where do I start? Do I sort one box at a time, or do I pull everything out and sort it that way? I opted for the latter option, and proceeded to unload every last tote box of yarn onto the couch and surrounding area.


What the hell was I thinking?! I now had a living room filled with yarn, and I needed to sort it and make sure it all got put away. Well, I guess that’s one way to motivate yourself to get it done. I needed to make sure it was all tucked away before it got in anyone else’s way. Let the sorting begin! A few trends I noticed while sorting: a profound fondness for fingering to DK weight yarns, not a lot of large project quantities, and not a huge interest in Aran to Bulky yarns. All good things to know, I suppose. After a few hours and some tough decisions on yarns to part ways with, I managed to get it all sorted and put away.

This week, I’ll begin taking inventory and documenting my stash. I figure taking it one box at a time will help give me a clear goal week to week, as well as make this task a bit more manageable.


Crafting this week has included more knitting on my Dragonfly’s Path, I’m loving how the cable edge meanders to and fro. I also managed to start swatching for a new Custom Fit sweater in NFC’s Capital Luxury Sport in “Cooper Circle”, gosh how I love this color!  This week it has been blissfully overcast and rainy, so I’ve been wearing my Sidewinder Slouch and Lord Ellesmere Stole quite a bit. I’ve come to realize that I should probably make more of an effort to wear my knitwear more often, especially since the new position at work that I took in December actually allows me to do so.

Until next time, knit on!

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