Operation Stash Rehash

One of the things I’ve come to realize I struggle with as a fiber artist, is actually utilizing Ravelry to its fullest potential. As a former yarn shop employee, I almost exclusively use Ravelry for pattern browsing & pattern storage. However, I’m realizing I’m pretty horrible about using it for stash organization or for project organization. According to Ravelry, I’ve knit 12,258 yards in 14 projects, and I have 4 skeins of yarn in my stash. Anyone who knows me knows that those numbers simply are not accurate. Just ask my wonderful and supportive housemates about the upstairs hall closet.

Had I been smart about this whole stash organization thing, I would have better documented it when I first started knitting. After seven years of various acquisitions, I now have this mountainous stash of yarn with no clear idea of what exactly I have in it. I mean, I know what I have in my stash mostly but quantities are a bit sketchy. Also, it has been a while since I’ve culled my stash, so I’m not entirely sure that everything in my stash is actually something that suits my taste these days. This sounds like a project for the upcoming weeks, and perhaps I can include my new photography tips & tricks to better document what I’ve actually got in stash. This feels a bit like some Herculean task I’m going to be tackling, but I’ve decided this is going to be a goal beginning this month, and continuing until its completed. Consider it Operation Stash Rehash, I’ll be documenting my progress on Instagram using #operationstashrehash throughout the process. I’m almost certain there are going to be some “What the hell was I thinking?!” moments throughout this project. As everyone knows, as we grow and evolve as crafters our tastes change. Who knows what surprises I’ll find in my stash, it should definitely prove to be an interesting experience.

In addition to culling and cataloging my stash, I’ve begun making a concerted effort to maintain accurate project pages on Ravelry. The wonderful thing about maintaining this blog, is that it helps encourage me to better document my progress on my project pages. It turns out that it is much more useful to link to updated project pages, rather than project pages that haven’t been touched since I decided to cast on.

Speaking of projects, this week I’ve been consumed with knitting on my Dragonfly’s Path. I completed the body of the shawl on Monday. One of the many reasons I love garter stitch shawls, is that often times it can be potato chip knitting until you get to the edging. Such is the case with this project. It is turning out even lovelier and squooshier than I hoped, and I’m finding that the cable detail in the edging is quite addictive as well! In addition to working on my Dragonfly’s Path, I’ve also been working on some commission spinning for my buddy Kenneth from the Homestead Hobbyist. I picked up four ounces of Amethyst from his Gemstones Collection while working in the booth at Stitches, and I’m loving it! It’s a delightful blend of black Shetland wool, black baby alpaca, and mulberry silk. I’m generally not a fan of spinning alpaca, as it tends to get all over the place, including but not limited to: my eyes, my nose, my clothes, my beard. However, this blend is amazing! The Shetland and Mulberry silk help to alleviate the issues I have with spinning alpaca, making it much more manageable. Also, the contrast of the black in the Shetland and Alpaca with the brilliant purple of the silk makes it super addictive for me to spin.


Its been considerably cooler this week, and especially cold in the early mornings when I’ve been leaving for work. This means I’ve had more opportunities to wear some of my woolen garments, which is great because I so often forget to actually wear them! I’ve been managing to bundle up with my Lord Ellesmere Entrelac Stole for my morning commute, since its really just a socially acceptable blanket that I can curl up with at my desk if I need to throughout the day. On the few days where its been a bit warmer, I’ve been wearing my Shockwave Shawl and my Sidewinder Slouch.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful week, and knit on!

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